A workspace design campaign

#placetogrow supports those office teams that work in an unhelpful environment that diminishes their pleasure to be there and therefore their productivity.You would think that wellbeing in the office is not something one can plan. And you would be right! A good state of mind in the office is very much connected to a smart and responsible project but not completely. In order to attain performance from your team we will work together. Our expertise shapes space effectively and creatively. Your expertise shapes the action. This is what #placetogrow is all about - how we can build a place where your company grows in a workspace that supports you. Find out more about how we can achieve this together.


To truly grow performance, the working environment has to offer employees the possibility to comfortably alternate between different activities”

Matthew Kobylar, Workplace Strategist and Interior Designer, 2017

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A healthy working environment

May employers feel pleased if they offer their employees an ergonomic chair and a screen at a good eye level.

#placetogrow is much more than that. It’s a set of design principles that take into account employees needs and the secific requirements of the field they work in.


You would be more motivated if you knew that:

  • nobody is watching your screen

  • you can focus in a quiet place when you need to

  • you have a propper place to setup your teamwork meetings

  • you can choose the best type of place for the task at hand

  • your office is synced with you as far as technology is concerned

  • you have access to great coffee

Planned and achieved

From the start of the campaign until now we contributed to the upgrade of working conditions for almost 1000 people. While these projects grew, our team also expanded. This makes us ready and eager to participate in even more company upgrades. Here is our first campaign year in a few numbers:


Tell us your story and what you need to upgrade your workday. We can help!